Are you a busy professional?  No time to shop for the perfect gift? With a growing list of responsibilities, our lives are busy and more stressful by the day, leaving little or no time to shop for important gifts. Our jewelry Concierge service was created to take the stress out of shopping for the best product and price for a special occasion gift. At Yi's Creations, we truly want the best for our clients and understand how to tailor the perfect gift for one’s needs.  We hand pick and bring jewelry to our clients to choose from, and upon selection, gift wrap and deliver for the utmost convenience. Based in Honolulu, with clients across the globe, Yi's Creations specializes in diamonds,fine jewelry, and watches. Our primary goal is to make your jewelry gifting an exciting and effortless experience. Welcome to the world of ultimate luxury: diamonds at your door.


Personal Shopping

Custom designed products

On site gemologist

Door to door pickup and delivery

Insurance appraisals

Jewelry watch and repair

Buy and sell jewelry

Gift wrapping

Personalized attention


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